the fourth of december

Today’s compost bowl made it look like I’d thrown away Thanksgiving along with a little bit of Christmas.

Every Advent for the past few years has found me in throw-away and cleaning mode.

For some people Spring Cleaning is a thing. For me it’s Pre-Christmas Cleaning. Cleaning and purging before we bring yet more stuff into this house.

One Christmas we’ll declare it an all and only Family Experiences Christmas!! Science museum passes, zoo passes, movie tickets, you name it! It will have the double blessing of giving my kids good times and yet there will be no accumulation of stuff. It will be beautiful.


there’s a party in our garden

our garden did rather well last year. a pepper plant and a tomato plant did exceptionally well, but i think we over-tended it. who knew walking out to the garden with coffee cup in hand and watering for a bit was so relaxing? some of the plants didn’t like all of the attention.

this year everything in the garden is completely thriving. i think it’s appreciating how much we’ve ignored it. there is still a good bit of standing near it with coffee cup in hand, but i’ve learned to lay off the garden hose.

winter in south florida can be a beautiful thing.