fret a little and then eat some pie

July. The month of sparklers and thinking way too much about school for the kids. While they play in the pool and run on the beach, I can be tempted to spend most of my waking hours thinking/fretting/option-weighing/praying about all options. If homeschooling were just about the researching and planning and reading I’d be a pro. But then I look down and there are little people. Little people who make me realize this isn’t just some theoretical school researching game.

But oh, the options. There are so many. Options that I get excited about but am unsure of what their reaction would be or whether it would be beneficial to them. Options that I’m hesitant about but know they might thrive under.

You should see my legal pad of lists and thoughts and pros/cons. It makes me sleepy every time I walk past it.

But then I remember it’s summer. And fretting is easier to get over when there are fireworks to watch, cousins to play with, blueberry pie to eat, and beaches to go to.