a house called 2012

this morning i was trying to remember the first time i really realized that our house number is the same as the current year. i don’t think it was until a few days into the process. there was no house number displayed on the house at the time, and the previous mailbox was so worn out and faded that the number didn’t jump out at you.

but as the days have now turned into months since i’ve realized 2012 will always mean more than just a year to us, i’ve become thankful for something as small as this. i like to think that when we are much older it will always be easy to remember the address of our first house and when we bought it and thus a bit easier to remember more of the details of this year.

for us 2012 is not just a year, it is a place: a place where we hope friendships start and deepen from this year on, a place where our kids will form attachments and make memories from this year on, and a place we are privileged to live in and care for.