asa is 1

I would like to ask you to just try to explain to a group that includes an eight, seven, and four year old that you are not, in fact, going to really do anything for your one year old’s birthday. Call me un-fun but my plans were to pull out the birthday caterpillar candle and Asher’s old birthday crown (three cheers for names that begin with the same letter!), sing him Happy Birthday, and give him a small (perhaps previously used by three older siblings) present. Done.

My other children were horrified.

And thus my fourth child made out like a bandit in the gift department.

On his birthday morning, Omar and I heard the older three go into his room and sing to him, and I’m all weepy just thinking about how cute the whole thing was.

So Asa is now one. He is walking and jabbering and asserting all kinds of opinions. I’m loving his age right now. I’m loving how every morning he gets pulled out of bed by one or more siblings and then finds his way to me to just snuggle with me for about 10 minutes. I’ve never had one do that. I love it.

Happy Birthday, sweet Asa. You’re the best.


7 year old 2nd

Somehow it’s been 7 years since Asher was born.

He’s an easy birthday kiddo. He requested pancakes, a watch, and Smashburger. Done, done, and done.

Lego are still his toy of choice, but now we just toss him the box and instructions. Before, I used to choose which set we’d get him based on number of pieces, because anything over a 100 or so used to make me hyperventilate. Now, if we each had the same set in front of us, he’d probably beat me to the finished product.

But that wouldn’t be good for our relationship because we both have a competitive streak a mile long, and sad to say, it’s not our best quality. Ha. I’m trying to tame the person inside that lets her 7 year old’s taunts during a game make her want to take him down.

I love this boy. He’s a lover of books and swimming and chess and make believe. And he’s just not that little anymore. Yesterday morning I realized that with the oldest two we are sort of past the “says funny things all the time” stage. I like to think that’s one reason we have one still in that stage and one waiting in the wings because really, who doesn’t love the insane stuff 2-5 year olds say? But then Asher gave me what I like to think of as a parting gift from that stage. Omar and I were talking about Asa and food. Omar casually asked me to help him remember when babies start eating finger foods. Asher quickly piped up with, “Finger foods? You mean like cream puffs?”

Yes, buddy. Like cream puffs. I love you.

Elisha is seven

On Wednesday my oldest turned seven. Elisha always has “big plans!!” for things, so I didn’t think I’d luck out with as easy a birthday as Lenna. He is also seven, not three, so I really didn’t think fruity cereal would thrill him the way it did his sister. But it didn’t take much more. The house was still in floor-refinishing mode, so I was at least hoping his big plans didn’t involve multi-colored tiered cakes or time consuming main dishes. And he didn’t disappoint.  “Mama, can I have hot dogs, beans, chips, ice cream, and Oreos for my birthday?” he asked. And before boy #2 could yet again insert his influence making elaborate meal suggestions, I closed the deal with Elisha. Hot dogs were eaten and he was happy. He seemed quite grown up during his party. He loved his pirate ship kite, his light saber popsicle molds, his new bible, and I’m loving his new Perplexus.

Happy birthday, sweet boy.

she turned three and we ate cereal

She turned three yesterday. She will tell you that she is seven, or maybe six, but she is three. Our week was full of house repairs, so we were staying at my parents’. Two days of work turned into five days of work, so by the time I got around to asking Lenna what she would like to do for her birthday breakfast I was hoping she’d go easy on me. And she did. The blessed child said she wanted cereal for her birthday breakfast. Asher tried to intervene and remind her of all the amazing things she could ask for, but I quickly shut him down. Can I just say that cereal, strawberries, and milky coffee eaten on the back porch makes for a very easy and chill birthday celebration?

Hello Kitty cupcakes and presents rounded out the day. She adored the bed we got for her dolls, squealed when she opened a little stuffed dog that came housed in a purse, and clicked away on her new camera.

I still can’t believe she’s three.