she went out west

Sometime in January/February Omar told me I should go visit a friend somewhere once Asa turned one. I think I had a ticket bought to the west coast in less than a day after the first serious conversation about it. I don’t need much push in the travel department. Sweet friends from Miami live in Portland, and a dear friend from college and on was living in Tacoma. So out I went for eight days. I flew into Portland and was the woman who oohed and ahhed over every tulip and flowering tree. “These flowers look fake,” I told Abbie. She responded, “That’s funny coming from someone who lives in the tropics where I think the same thing.” True. But spring tulips really are amazing. Portland was full of conversation and food and catching up with old and new friends. A highlight was definitely the Sokol Blosser winery outside of Portland: sunny skies, 65 degrees, and a generous wine tasting.

After a few days I took a train north to Tacoma. I had high hopes for the train ride, but all expectations were shelved when I realized the woman behind me was indeed going to be on the phone the entire time giving a play-by-play of the (uneventful) ride to the lucky person on the line. Tacoma was full of more friends and conversation and rest. Seattle showed off with her gorgeous weather, and my friend and I ended our day there with an absolutely delicious dinner at Delancey in Ballard.

There really is so much more that could be written. There were the sweetest times with friends and their kids. There were the most soul-encouraging and challenging conversations. And there were donuts. But I’ll let tons of photos say the rest for now.