a week in advent

And then a full week of Advent flashed before my eyes.

The highlights were a beautiful wedding by a lake (complete with coffee on tap), a stay at my aunt and uncle’s (also by a beautiful lake), a visit to a new brewery in Deland, a trip back south, an unexpected purchase of a new dishwasher (Did you know they sell them according to decibel levels now?! Too funny. Ours is 51, if you’re curious.), painting the front of our house (Those with four children and small budgets paint in long, drawn-out stages. For now we request that any visitors only look at the house once they are directly in front of it.), and finally, gingerbread houses with the kiddos. It was the first year that I didn’t have to help them at all with the decorating. I got to stay out of the way for most of it, and they got to sneak an ungodly amount of candy as a result. Win-win.


stone floors, pink paint, shag carpet

I’ve been terrible at documenting the “befores and afters” of our house. Granted, there has not been anything too dramatic, but I would still love to have some pictures of the changes. What I would really love to have are some pictures from the house from the 60s to 80s. After the big flooring and baseboards job, we’re contenting ourselves with sanding and painting all the doors and door frames. Cheap, if not dusty. And what have we discovered during all of this sanding and hinge-removing? Only that the bathroom door and frame (both) were at one time painted Pepto Bismol pink and then a lovely dark aqua. We are wondering if the pink coincided with the time frame when the bathroom floor was covered in red shag carpet.

But the big floor refinishing has definitely been the most dramatic thing we’ve checked off our to-do list. Terrazzo floors were big down here in the 50s. We hear people say they are becoming “in” again, but I think the primary reason they’re “in” is because the homes that have it are the ones people in our stage of life can afford. Ha. We’ve seen homes with pink stone and black stone and everything in between. Ours is in the more neutral cream/tan color family and was in fairly good condition, so we decided against covering it. Would you believe that it would cost between $35,000 and $75,000 to have these floors poured today?! Crazy. And after being ground down and polished and buffed and repaired, it’s just lovely. And watching them do it was great. In the pics below, they ground holes in the damaged area, color matched new stones, and then ground them down. Amazing.

Terrazzo Before ::

Terrazzo After ::