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Four months just flashed before my blogging eyes.

How do you switch gears from a place that was used to document little people’s days and travels for eight years to one that might look more outward, reveal more about what our day-to-day lives in ministry look like, and perhaps be more of a true reflection of what Omar and I (and the kids) are living each day?

I think I have two options: I don’t and therefore say “so long” to this space or I just do it.

So I’m just doing it.

Omar and I have been having lots of “What in the world are we doing here?!?!” conversations lately. What are we communicating to our congregation and family and community about what is important and needed and necessary? How are we choosing to use the hours in our days?

We feel a shift. There is change. We are talking to the kids about this. I love that they’re old enough to talk about some of these things.

A few months back a friend told me to pray for godly unrest. I desperately wanted (and want) it, and so I did. And things started happening. Some things have been exciting and beautiful. Other things have been exhausting and messy and dirty and tear-streaked.

I think I can count on one hand the times I have shared openly about ministry life here. It was something I wanted to keep separate from here. But no longer. I tried for too long to keep strict borders between certain aspects of life in the church and our life at home. But that all started becoming harder as the kids got older. Clean and clear borders have gone, and truthfully I’m glad.

But I need to learn how to talk about this all here. I want to be honest and clear, but gentle and careful, if that makes sense.

I just realized that it was eight years ago yesterday that I wrote my first post here. Such a short time, in the grand scheme of things. A blip. But oh my, how much has changed. Advent 2007 looks so different than advent 2015.