i’ll take the flan, thank you

April 2015! The month that got away from me! The month that was full of Portland! Seattle! Tacoma! Cuba! Omar’s birthday! And I don’t remember anything else!

So for now, Miami. We went to Miami Saturday to celebrate Mother’s Day, Elisha’s birthday, and Lenna’s birthday with Omar’s family. I managed to get Elisha to request his abuela’s ribs and rice and beans. He requested flan all on his own. I remember so clearly celebrating Elisha’s 1st birthday at Omar’s parents’ home. I remember so clearly dropping an insane amount of money on a bug cake pan from Williams-Sonoma only to realize that unless you have a doctorate in Cake Decorating, they’ll turn out looking like a 2 year old decorated them.

The kids played, Omar (semi)relaxed, and I got to sneak in a haircut. We’re coming up on six years of living in Palm Beach County. That makes it six years that I’ve been making the trek to Miami to get the most un-Miami haircuts there ever were. (No, I would not like waist-length hair, slick-straight, with long layers. Ha!) But it would take another county or two to make me hunt for a new hairdresser. The haircut is such a small part of it. I love Miami. I miss a lot of Miami. The haircut is a good excuse to go walk and sit and participate, for lack of a better verb, in Miami.


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