the second of december

This morning the tree lights came on, a boy came out to read beside the tree, and James Boice’s words looked back at me saying, “If the babe of Christmas is God (‘God with us’), then Christmas takes us back to Christ’s pre-existence as the second Person of the Godhead, from all eternity, and forward to His work of salvation on the cross, His resurrection, and beyond.  A theme like that is inexhaustible.”

Well, if you put it that way. A theme like that should make me pull myself out of any kind of funk I’ve been wallowing in and see this season for what it is: something just beautiful. For all of eternity, let alone my mere 34 years, I should not be able to say I’ve exhausted the joy, the excitement, the anticipation, the gift, the goodness that is Christmas.

So my holiday spirits are rising.

And just in case you’d like a little something extra to raise your spirits, just think on a certain boy who’s new found love of Home Alone led him to call out to our other pastor in Sunday school, “Get the hell outta here…”(not positive if he included the “filthy animal” part). You’re welcome.