the first of december

I had high hopes of a little tree this year. A table top tree would’ve been preferable, but my tribe would have revolted. My thoughts and feelings about Christmas are mixed this year. There is a Scrooge somewhere in me that I’m trying to keep at bay. Truth be told, my struggles with this season have increased over the past few years. Last year I tried to chalk it up to being pregnant. But this year I’m not, and I’m still fighting the temptation to be forever overwhelmed with a temper that’s quick. But here we are, right? Here I am with kids who love everything about this time of year. Kids and friends and family who’s excitement is catching. So the lights are up on my not-table top sized tree, Asa found yet another way to be all adorable when the lights were pulled out, and the second day of Advent proves my anticipation for Christmas is being kindled, ever so slowly.