colorado in pictures

Here is part of the photographic evidence for Asa to prove that he went to Colorado. Four children (one strapped to me most of the time) and a new camera and insanely intense mountain sun didn’t exactly make it ideal for me to take a lot of photos. And at one point all of those factors made me want to set the camera down, but I resisted the temptation. I wanted us all to have a record of our time out there, over/underexposed pictures and all. 

The sunrises and sunsets were breathtaking. The flowers and trees were gorgeous. Everything around us was such a stark contrast to where we live. I never got quite the photo of an aspen tree that I wanted. I would be content to live in a forest of them. So beautiful.

Asher commandeered Elisha’s camera for most of the trip. That boy took pictures of everything. I loved it. I have a great series of him taking photos and included a few here. 

Our last few days were spent in Denver. In good Ortiz fashion we made sure to organize our days around food. We hit up Pizzeria Locale a couple of times for lunch. Biker Jim’s fulfilled Asher’s reindeer hot dog eating dreams. Breakfast at Devil’s Food was delicious, and the ice cream at High Point Creamery was definitely something to write home about.

You were pretty fantastic, Colorado. 


4 thoughts on “colorado in pictures

  1. I agree–the photos are wonderful!
    I see only one problem: Asa could say, “That bundle on your chest? That could be anyone!” 😉

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