4 months and then some

17 lbs // 27 in

Hey, baby Asa! YOU are going to have a post about your 4 month stats. Because these months are flying, and I want to remember what you were like at this fast-changing stage. And I am not too proud not to start now even though I missed your first months.

You are oddly large coming after your oddly small sister. My point of reference in baby world is your sister (the previous two seem like a lifetime ago).  She was a peanut. You’re more the elephant to her peanut.

At your doctor’s appointment the other day it was recorded that at 4 months you weigh more than your sister did at one year.

You are an amazing sleeper (usually).

You are an amazing drooler.

You smile for all and fuss for few.

You are well loved.


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