hey, colorado! they’re coming for you

Alright anyone and everyone who has been to, lived in, loves Colorado. Comment, email, or private message me and share what you love! Share what a family of six should do or see in the Granby and Denver areas of your great state. Because we’re all coming. ALL. Together. The six of us. To sleep in the same room together. For eight nights. Together.

Kidding aside, we’re all very excited. For all the traveling I’ve done, I’ve never made it to Colorado. And truth be told, I never would’ve thought it could happen in the near future. But one day last fall Omar saw an ad for a seminar titled “Imaginative Reading for Creative Preaching” in Books and Culture. He applied and got accepted. And amazingly, the kind people who have organized it have invited all the families along, too. The mornings will be class time for Omar, and then the afternoons are open for exploring and family time.

The kids are thrilled, though I know they have no concept of the sites they’ll see. My south Florida coastal children believe the big overpass in Miami is a “mountain” and think a high of 70 calls for a sweater. Their little minds are going to be blown. We got a list of everyone attending and where they live, and I believe we’re the most southern by quite a distance. We will be wimps in the evening and early morning temps but we’ll be tan wimps.

So here we go. Next Sunday is the day. Let there be short security lines and seconds on in-flight peanuts.


One thought on “hey, colorado! they’re coming for you

  1. Since my grandmother lived in Colorado, we spent many a summer going across the country (with five children) to visit. Great memories. The mountains are just beautiful; I suggest picnics by a mountain stream, eating all the fresh cherries and apricots that you can find, and the Hot Springs at Glenwood Falls. Red Rocks is also really an amazing natural beauty. And there is this crazy park somewhere near there where a guy make huge metal sculptures of animals out of found objects welded together. Your kids will love it.

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