sew and dye

I have never found myself on a 39th week pregnant sewing spree. Until this time. It has accomplished a few things: biding my time, getting rid of my fabric stash, and making things that are actually useful for a baby.

The Boppy cover was a quick sew with this fabric, and now I can add zippers to my sewing repertoire.

The embellished burp cloths kind of confuse me. You cover the place they spit up on with not the most absorbent fabric? Yes. Because it’s cute. Done.

Have you seen the prices on the simple cotton gauze swaddle blankets on the market? 40 bucks for 3 or 4? Or a few bucks for some fabric at Joann’s. Add in a box of dye and you’ve got yourself an ombre swaddle blanket.

And finally a simple quilt. No binding, measuring, or pinning required. I’ve had the Echino Japanese fabric for 5 years now and decided to stop waiting for the perfect sewing inspiration and just make use of it.

Sewing spree complete.


2 thoughts on “sew and dye

  1. So cute Kate! I’ve been teaching sewing and quilting classes at Joannes the past year or so and having so much fun with it. Great job on adding the zipper – and super cute quilt!

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