if the baby won’t come, the camera will have to do

Since everyone in the world has seemingly given birth except for me (including a friend’s dog which oddly made me jealous, too), I’ve been trying to break out of the childbirth tunnel vision and get excited about other things in life. Like my new camera.

After almost two years of researching and saving and researching and changing my mind and a little more researching, I settled on the Fuji x100s. I was already leaning away from purchasing another DSLR when I stumbled upon this guy. I had spent the previous three years shooting almost solely with my 35mm lens. I was also using my phone more and leaving the bigger camera at home. And the camera I initially wanted to upgrade to was even bigger than the one I already had. Articles like this one by Zack Arias (this guy loves fuji…whoa) and this one started popping up on my radar, and it didn’t take long for me to decide to go for the Fuji x100s or something similar.

The camera came a few days ago, so I thought I’d share a few test shots. There’s nothing very creative or mind-blowing here and they are all straight out of the camera. I’d heard there was a learning curve, so I’ve been shooting anything and everything. And the daily life of a 9 month pregnant woman isn’t exactly thrilling, so here you go.

The skin tones are just lovely on this. The built-in neutral density filter really is great. I shot the outside pictures here in harsh light. It was overcast and noon. But it made me realize that the camera follows the “Sunny 16 rule” almost perfectly.

And how about automatic mode? Omar will use this mainly in auto mode, so I’ve been playing around a lot with it, too, in case I decided I wanted to program some settings on it. But it’s quite good. It underexposes outside a bit (kind of expected that), but indoors? and at night? Check out the sixth picture down. It’s a random picture of my living room at night, but it’s a real life everyday lighting situation. Its exposure blows away any photo my old nikon took on auto at night. The colors are true to life.

And now I’d give anything to practice on a baby.


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