growing up

It’s been strange/fun to watch this girl become so excited knowing that she gets to be a big sister. I haven’t even had to do much prepping in this department. She’s quick to inform me as to what she will be doing in this new role. Today she told me she would take care of wet diapers. The other day she was floored (FLOORED!) that she was not going to be there at the hospital for the whole birth. A few days ago, Omar was having a familial chat with the kids about being extra kind and helpful when Asa comes because mama will need to give him a lot of attention in the beginning. “And he’ll need LOTS of attention from Lenna, too!” she chimed in.

She loves to come up and talk to the belly and touch it. And comment on it. Many a recent morning I walk into the kitchen and she cries out, “Wow, Mama! He is sooo big!” Thanks, kid.


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