making trips :: I have now been to Texas! In all of its Tex-Mex, wide open spaces, super friendly glory. Omar and I got to attend a counseling conference, visit old friends, and meet up with new friends. A good friend of mine died in Iraq ten years ago this December. He was from Texas and was the first person I’d met who truly identified and loved (LOVED) his home state. (Florida doesn’t give me the thrills that Texas gave him.) Ernie was in my thoughts a lot over the weekend. He would’ve gotten a kick out of the fact that I finally made a trip to Texas.

making cakes :: I love dark chocolate. I love pears. I love caramel. So I was hoping that this chocolate upside down pear cake would rank up there with my favorite desserts. It wasn’t meant to be. It wasn’t the recipe, I’m just not a fruit with chocolate fan. And I’d have to classify this as a “wet cake,” of which I’m also not a fan. (You can keep your rum cakes and glazed cakes.) But if you are a lover of fruit and chocolate and upside down cakes, this is your thing. It was fun to make, and I did suffer through and eat my fair share.

making gardens :: Omar is really the garden maker around here. This year we have two raised beds of veggies and herbs, some pots of tomatoes and pigeon peas (it’s a Puerto Rican thing), watermelon seeds about to be planted along a fence, and a couple of thriving banana plants. Thus far everything is coming along. Here’s hoping no crazy diseases or bugs descend.

making plans :: I don’t know if I’ve every been as ready for the Christmas season as I am this year. I’ve even gotten a start on present buying and advent calendar planning. This has never. happened. Our advent calendar from the past few years has run its course, so this year it’s being repurposed. Details to come, both so I can share with you all what we are doing, and so you all can give me some advent activity ideas. I’m starting to run low, even with the help of Pinterest. Seriously, some of the ideas I read were “journal about what you love about Christmas” and “just sit and think about the season.” Right, my 6 and 7 year old boys would be thrilled beyond belief if that’s what the activity for the day was. Chocolates and cookie baking are more up their alley.


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  1. Hey, i went to an essential oils class and they said peppermint oil and water sprayed on plants help with bugs. Bigs are pretty much the reason i give up on my garden every april/may. So, going to try it!

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