tripping and sliding into the second trimester

My gracefulness disappears a bit more each day as random things unbalance me.

Coffee reappears on the daily menu.

Accomplishing school work each day feels less like a marathon.

The kids’ tv watching has been greatly curtailed, again…for now…all bets are off the last couple of months.

So has mine. I won’t even tell you how quickly I’ve raced through the first five seasons of The West Wing.

Kids’ insights and questions into babies provide daily laughter and avoidance.

Baby is now known to be a boy.

Baby boy has a name: Asa Joel (my kids are becoming quick to point out that it’s pronounced Jo-ell, so watch out if you slip up around them)

In many ways it feels like we were just doing this whole announcing thing for Lenna. In other ways it feels ages ago.

My insatiable desire for burgers is still going strong.

My reading choices are a perfect match for a girl whose bedtime is often 8:45 – Gaffigan’s Dad is Fat or some of the many Maisie Dobbs, anyone?


4 thoughts on “tripping and sliding into the second trimester

  1. Do you always crave meat when you’re prego with boys? I swear to you I ate meat every day when pregnant with both boys. For the first, it was meatball subs. For the second, when I could only swing takeout, it was McDonalds. MMmmm, meat…

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