i win them over with pie and games

This whole pregnancy gig is a bit easier with older kids.

They’re blown away with my coolness rather than being confused when I put pie in front of them for dinner.

Sitting still on the floor keeps nausea at bay, so I’ve been known to play game after game of Memory without finding a reason to escape after game two. And they’re getting good at it, so it’s actually a challenge to beat them.

I don’t have a germ phobia but the playground at Chick-Fil-A always creeps me out. But their hands don’t go into their mouths (quite) like they used to and playing in it means there is a large sheet of thick glass between their loudness and me, so I’m game right now. Stillness and quiet for me. Fun for them. My mom said she was a bit shocked I let them go in there. My response? I’m the mom who feeds her kids pie for dinner right now.

But I don’t think any number of pregnancies will ever take away the weirdness of these early weeks. I could normally spend most of my day with my head inside a bag of freshly roasted coffee beans. It’s one of the most amazing smells. But now? If it were up to me, coffee would be banned from all establishments.

For now burgers are my favorite food. Clam chowder is the perfect morning meal, and Nutella and stuffed olives are always close by.

And that occasional glass of wine? There is no guilt, friends.


One thought on “i win them over with pie and games

  1. loved the article about wine and such in pregnancy. interesting! and encouraging to hear pregnancy is easier with older kids. 🙂

    BTW, I have a new blog look and am actually updating. as always i love your blog and pictures!

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