job perks

Omar and I have a running list of “Things They Did Not Teach Us In Seminary” (not that we really expected them to, but it would’ve been nice – ha).  A lot of the list is serious. Things relating to counseling, finances, HR-like stuff, etc.

They also did not teach us about the more light-hearted side of things. The little perks.

Like deviled eggs. Lots and lots of deviled eggs. Omar and I joke that at all these new and hip restaurants that tout farm-to-table menus, you can easily spot the people who don’t go to church. They order the $4 a pop deviled eggs. Who pays that?! People who don’t attend church potlucks and get their deviled egg fix, that’s who.

Or funeral flowers. No joke. Soon after Omar started his first job out of seminary, I heard him plodding up the back steps to our apartment. I opened the door and saw two feet peeking out from under a tower of funeral flower arrangements. I was horrified. “What?! Why?! Noooo!!” Something just felt oddly wrong about it, especially when the flowers were still in those wreath-like arrangements on a stand. But now I’m over it, and once you pick them apart and gather them into separate little arrangements, all traces of the funeral are gone. And it’s free.


One thought on “job perks

  1. The funeral flowers brought back a long forgotten childhood memory. Our pastor would be asked to lead a funeral service and the families would often give him the flower arrangements. He in turn would bring them to the church for “altar decorations”. After the Sunday service, he would invite us to take whatever we wanted from the arrangements as they would be thrown out anyway. For this little girl, it was like hitting the jackpot! My sister and I would race-walk (as running was forbidden in the sanctuary!) to the front and start grabbing for the prized blooms before the other kids could get to them! Some well-meaning adult would then “ruin” the whole plan by loudly announcing in the presence of our parents that so and so in the nursing home would really appreciate and enjoy having them! Those words were a death knell to all of us kids, as even the most cold-hearted among us would not deprive a nursing home resident! 🙂 (although the temptation was great! lol!)
    Thanks for reminding me of those fun times! And enjoy those flowers! 🙂

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