Elisha is seven

On Wednesday my oldest turned seven. Elisha always has “big plans!!” for things, so I didn’t think I’d luck out with as easy a birthday as Lenna. He is also seven, not three, so I really didn’t think fruity cereal would thrill him the way it did his sister. But it didn’t take much more. The house was still in floor-refinishing mode, so I was at least hoping his big plans didn’t involve multi-colored tiered cakes or time consuming main dishes. And he didn’t disappoint.  “Mama, can I have hot dogs, beans, chips, ice cream, and Oreos for my birthday?” he asked. And before boy #2 could yet again insert his influence making elaborate meal suggestions, I closed the deal with Elisha. Hot dogs were eaten and he was happy. He seemed quite grown up during his party. He loved his pirate ship kite, his light saber popsicle molds, his new bible, and I’m loving his new Perplexus.

Happy birthday, sweet boy.


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