she turned three and we ate cereal

She turned three yesterday. She will tell you that she is seven, or maybe six, but she is three. Our week was full of house repairs, so we were staying at my parents’. Two days of work turned into five days of work, so by the time I got around to asking Lenna what she would like to do for her birthday breakfast I was hoping she’d go easy on me. And she did. The blessed child said she wanted cereal for her birthday breakfast. Asher tried to intervene and remind her of all the amazing things she could ask for, but I quickly shut him down. Can I just say that cereal, strawberries, and milky coffee eaten on the back porch makes for a very easy and chill birthday celebration?

Hello Kitty cupcakes and presents rounded out the day. She adored the bed we got for her dolls, squealed when she opened a little stuffed dog that came housed in a purse, and clicked away on her new camera.

I still can’t believe she’s three.


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