hearts and chicken

Valentine’s Day morning started out a bit rocky. One boy cheerfully greeted me with a “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mama!” and as my heart swelled a bit at this unprompted sweetness, it was deflated quickly when the greeting was followed with, “So whatcha gonna do special for me today??”

I had the gut reaction to want to go into full-on lecture mode about how we need to think of others before ourselves, but I sensed that wasn’t going to do much that morning. I quietly excused myself from the room and regrouped.

About an hour later I piled them in the car, and we dodged the rain to go have an “important meeting, complete with notes” at the local Starbucks. So there they sat with their little hot chocolates and paper and pen, and somehow I managed to get them to believe that throwing Papi a special Valentine’s dinner that they got to plan was better than  any candy or treat that I might give them. It was hilarious. Asher started in on the food ideas and was conflicted about whether or not salsa or guacamole was a more appropriate Valentine’s food. I think he thought this would be a suitable main dish, so I steered him towards Elisha’s suggestion – roast chicken. To which Asher added, “And make it with that delicious gravy soup stuff!” Done. Elisha thought strawberries, nectarines, and whipped cream would make a good dessert. Done, again.

The rest of the afternoon involved lots of heart coloring and paper chain making and card creating. The house got decorated, the food was made, and the kids were beyond thrilled to surprise Papi with a party they planned.


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