I make a banana cake while they make picture upon picture to fill up their school folders. They’re enamored with the three-hole punch. I’m enamored with the cream cheese frosting.

I read them Little House in the Big Woods while they interrupt me to pick out random words on the page to read back to me.

I listen to my boys recite Christina Rossetti’s The Caterpillar, and they listen to me recite the bible verse I’m trying to memorize. They’re a lot better at this whole memorization thing.

I write thank you notes while one writes a few lines from PInocchio and the other writes slanty Ks and Ns.

I am listening to Mars Hill Audio Volume 115 (great article on Ken Myers here), and they are listening to Jim Weiss telling the story of The Three Musketeers (lots of Jim Weiss stories are on Spotify, by the way). Together we are listening to repeat playings of Bach’s Goldberg Variations.

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