prepping for camels

Asher has been keeping us informed as to which day of Christmas it is over the past twelve days. A couple of days ago he started to get a bit upset that we only had a few days left of Christmas, and there has been a lot of begging to keep the tree up. But then today he realized the end of Christmas means Epiphany and Epiphany means Three Kings Day. And in this house, Three Kings Day means a couple more gifts. They gathered their leaves and grass in boxes tonight before bed and set them out for the camels.

I was looking back over the previous years’ Three Kings posts (The pictures from this one  three years ago crack me up. They were so little.) and remembered an article I read on Epiphany. As I reread the quotes below, I loved realizing that unlike four years ago when the boys were toddlers, now I can actually talk about these things with them. I can read this to them and we can have a conversation, however short or unfocused.

As I reflect on the history and meaning of Epiphany, I find that the festival helps me understand God’s work of redemption as I have not understood it before. Epiphany seems particularly appropriate for a gentile church. It reminds us that God in Christ did something quite remarkable: he extended his grace to those who were originally outside the covenant. As Paul reminds the Ephesians, we were aliens and strangers, but God has made us part of the new Israel.

…Epiphany also focuses our attention on the magi’s response to Christ’s revelation. They worshiped him and presented him with rich gifts. They recognized that they were in the presence of the King of the Jews, and they responded appropriately. On Epiphany we are reminded that we must do the same. We need to worship Christ as King by presenting ourselves as gifts to him.

Is it appropriate to wish one a Merry Epiphany? Happy Epiphany? Whichever you prefer, and I hope it is blessed.


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