new york, new york

i know it’s been over a month and a half, but i can’t imagine printing out this year’s blog book and only having a few pictures of some shoes, a doughnut, and a church ceiling from the quick posts i did while i was up there to document our whole trip. so here are some photos, some commentary, and a quick video.

walking off the eggs and grits and doughnuts with my brother on our way to The High Line.

eating pickles and chicken sandwiches and drinking clove and anise infused cocktails (and sneaking sips of my brother’s bloody mary) for lunch at Joseph Leonard in the west village…it is vacation.

doughnuts from Dough in bed-stuy.

Birreria on the tip-top of Eataly. if someone were to ask me how to describe Eataly, i’d have to say that it’s like the Walt Disney World of italian food. 20 dollar per pound sausage! 40 dollar panettone! long lines! and alas, no rides.

the first day we got there was cold and windy and wet and perfect weather for Momofuku ramen and steamed buns.

i was reading edward rutherford’s novel New York while we were there. it’s a historical novel tracing the history of the island of manhattan from the 1600s to present day. one of the oldest structures you can still visit is Trinity Church on wall street. we stepped inside and realized there was choral rehearsal. it seemed very informal and fast-paced. we sat for a bit and listened. we then learned it was a last-minute rehearsal for a benefit concert for Hurricane Sandy victims. bach’s mass in b minor would be performed the next night…for free. so saturday night we headed to the concert. it was absolutely beautiful. here is a clip of the rehearsal:

after the concert we headed to The Flea theater where we were able to see omar’s brother on stage for the first time. a good night.

Liberty fabrics and a rainbow of wool felt at Purl Soho.

and lastly, as we were walking through central park, there was a jazz band playing. as i pulled out my camera to snap a few pictures, guess who walked in front of me – bill cunningham.  if you haven’t seen the documentary on him, it’s a must.

one day. someday. i’d love to live in this beautiful city.


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