there’s a party in our garden

our garden did rather well last year. a pepper plant and a tomato plant did exceptionally well, but i think we over-tended it. who knew walking out to the garden with coffee cup in hand and watering for a bit was so relaxing? some of the plants didn’t like all of the attention.

this year everything in the garden is completely thriving. i think it’s appreciating how much we’ve ignored it. there is still a good bit of standing near it with coffee cup in hand, but i’ve learned to lay off the garden hose.

winter in south florida can be a beautiful thing.


One thought on “there’s a party in our garden

  1. it looks so great! are those purple pea pods? i miss the gardening, and the s. florida winter. looking forward to having one again. the sale on our house went through this week! we also put an offer on a house, but we were outbid. still looking and waiting! merry christmas to you guys! miss you all!

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