cabinets for dinner

alright all you readers who have come across this site by searching for “termite house tenting checklists” (and there is a scary number of you). if you were wondering if my commentary on the standardized termite checklist from mid-2011 was becoming outdated, fear not. i will soon be able to give you commentary on an early 2013 checklist.

i’d be fooling myself if i said i was surprised when we were told earlier this week we had live termites. the previous owner had done little in terms of upkeep, and even though the exterminator told us in august that some “dust” on and in the kitchen cabinets (every cabinet, by the way) was probably just from old termite damage, i knew better. on monday i tried to manipulate him into telling us that all we really needed to do was get a new kitchen, but he didn’t go for it.

but did you know there is an upside to all of this? the final cost is about 1/3 what we thought it would be (when does that ever happen??), and now this all means that we are about to become the holders of this beautiful thing called a termite bond. ha. it only takes one termite tenting, a rat problem, and a maddening ant problem to get you really excited about something that could be summed up as pest insurance.

the other upside (for me, at least) is that it provided me with a much needed spiritual kick in the pants. for much of the past month or so, my anxiety about this house has been like a roller coaster. i realized that this week my mode of dealing with it was just to ignore it all. i’d downplay it all like, “seriously! i bet most people in the world would love to have their most pressing problems be pesky insects and leaky pools in a home that they are fortunate enough to own.” i’d then roll my eyes at myself and move on. prayer was not really an integral part of any of it. because what is there to pray about if you just ignore it, right?!

but they are indeed our problems. costly problems that don’t go away by just ignoring them. monday sort of felt like God tapping me on my shoulder and telling me to wake up. the issues are going to keep coming and possibly get bigger and bigger. this is life and ignoring and downplaying true issues are really just ways of trying to be dependent on myself and my abilities. and that has never worked.

so there you have it. the one where a termite teaches me lessons about dependence on God.


One thought on “cabinets for dinner

  1. Hi Kate–your termites and leaky pool are our need for a new roof and seawall repairs that, divided between 11 condos in our unit, adds up to a pretty penny each. So –we ask the Lord to help us to disciplline ourselves to save a little(little?) nest egg to pay for it all in 2013. The price for home ownership but aren’t we blessed to live in such luxury–compared to 90% of the world? Love your comments—–Mimi

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