he wasn’t impressed

asher has been lamenting our lack of (in his opinion) christmas decorations. “come on! let’s decorate!!” is heard often around these parts, and try as i might, the little guy doesn’t seem to understand that what is out is all we’ve got. he’s not one to appreciate the finer points of a neutral decor scheme. perhaps i’ll win him over if i start calling it “snow and ivory” instead of “neutral.”

so it shouldn’t have been a surprise when my nap time wall creation of embroidery hoops with linen and wooden snowflake ornaments didn’t really wow him. i thought he’d appreciate the fact that another wall got decked, but i think he was looking for something a little more sparkly and red.


3 thoughts on “he wasn’t impressed

  1. well….I think it’s lovely! We haven’t decorated much either and they don’t seem to mind yet. As long as the Christmas train is disturbing the traffic flow of our dining room, they’re happy.

  2. My oldest is pretty disappointed in us, as well. We have no outside lights up and inside i’ve got some cranberries in a hurricane vase and a few candles. It doesn’t help that our neighbors have blow-up Santas in their yard. Oh well. Just another topic for his future counselor…

  3. I love your neutral snowflakes. 🙂 But then again, I kept getting distracted last night while we were watching the latest episode of “Parenthood” (which by the way, made me cry four times–four!), by the enormous amount of Christmas decor in each and every Braverman household. All I could think about was how much time it would take to put it all out, and take it all down again. Too much. Much too much. (And very red and sparkly–Asher would have loved it. :))

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