november twenty seventh – advent ideas

i’ve been spending the past few days trying to figure out what we are going to do for advent. the garland that has been loved for the past three years is still around, but i’m wondering if there needs to be a little change-up this year. but i’m still trying to figure out what that change is going to be.

it doesn’t help that every time i see a magazine or a blog or listen to or watch the news, everyone is telling me ways i can get back to eating better and lose that holiday weight. what? it’s still november! where is the party spirit? i’m still trying to figure out our christmas schedules and gifts and parties and most importantly, how to eat more holiday treats (like tonight’s apple, pear, ginger crisp smothered in whipped cream) in the next five weeks. we are so focused on the next thing that we can’t seem to even enjoy what’s right before us. omar and i try so hard to communicate to the kids that this is indeed a time of celebration and partying. it’s such a great time to explain to them who this jesus is and why he needed to be born.

here are a few resources we are using and/or would like to check out:
What’s In the Bible? Everyday Emmanuel – we’re fans of buck denver and the gang (they’re like muppets meet sunday school), and i was very excited to see this.

Handel’s Messiah Family Advent Reader – if only i could find this for less than $40. i’m on the hunt…

Sally Shim’s Pinterest board – this is a christmas board of a blogger i follow. she finds the greatest things and ideas. i love her style, and that chalkboard christmas tree? love. love. love.

2012 Advent Guide – this is the guide that we’ve used for about the past 8 advents. we do it as a family, and it’s not too long for even the littlest ones. if you’ve never tried following an advent guide, it’s a great way to open the scriptures to your kids (and yourself!) and teach them classic christmas songs. if you’d like a free copy, click here and scroll down to the bottom.


4 thoughts on “november twenty seventh – advent ideas

  1. ah, this is such great timing. i decided in the last couple days that my revised advent goal (revised to singular) this year is to get a christmas tree. and not even a real one. 😛 i’ve also been trying to look up ways to incorporate liturgy for children too, so thank you for your recommendations!

    and, yes to your party spirit! your whipped-cream-laden crisp looks awesome. 🙂

  2. Thanks for all of this! I have been feeling all sorts of terrible lately because we’ve barely been to church since Josh was born, and Lily is not getting a whole lot from us here. Advent will be a good starting point. Thanks for the links, my friend!

    Also, I still can’t sign in with my email address to leave comments, so I’m using Adam’s. If you write me, don’t reply to his address! 😉

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