november twenty fifth

it was bound to have happened. there was no way that the sickness from three kids swirling in the air around me was going to leave me untouched. i tried. i tried to herbal, juice, rest, and chicken broth the thing away, but in the end it got me.

and so here i sit, drowning my sick sorrows in magazines and books and the fifteen or so channels we finally picked up from our rabbit ears when we found that sweet spot in the middle of the family room floor between the sofa and piano.


4 thoughts on “november twenty fifth

  1. 😦 elijah and i are just getting over colds ourselves. hope you and yours recover quickly!

    on another note, i would love to hear sometime about what you subscribe to, what books, magazines, blogs, websites, etc. you read on a regular basis. as well as your reading habits. you had mentioned at some point reading to your kids during mealtimes, and i’ve been trying that with elijah (since he doesn’t sit still otherwise). what a great idea!

    1. i’d love to share more of the details of the things i subscribe to/read most often. i’ll try to post something soon. my mom is the one who gave me the mealtime reading tip. from the first moments when elisha sat bobble-headed at the table, she just read and read and read. i have friends who read together as a family after dinner even when the kids are teens. i love that. we do our best reading, though, at breakfast and lunch. we start losing the troops after dinner.

  2. My mother-in-law swears by Zicam. Of course she told me this after I was sick for the first half of November. Maybe give that a try? Feel better, friend!!

    1. sad! i think that every time i’ve been sick over the past two years, somebody has told me to take zicam. why can’t i remember!? maybe i should just buy some for the next time. because there is always a next time. sigh.

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