november twenty third

today. today was sort of the anti-black friday in the ortiz house. i did a massive budget overhaul. isn’t that something i usually do after the holidays? it felt like a very january-ish activity.

over the past few days there was this creeping sensation that i needed to buy something (anything!) on or around black friday. it was coming at me from news sites and emails and blogs and television. but what? i’m still not sure what the kids want or need. this morning i poked around a few sites but then let it all go when i realized i don’t want or need what i’m finding. and then i bought a martha stewart magazine with the hopes that there might be some homemade inspiration there. ha! a girl just can’t compete with martha’s homemade tassels and necklaces from the very tails of her exotic horses. or the little sweater vests knit from wool sheared from her own sheep.

so by midday my thought-pendulum had swung the other way, and omar had to endure me outlining the finer points of this new budget and all the new no-spend rules that are accompanying it. (there needs to be a way for me to insert my “keepin’ it in the black friday” pun but i’m simultaneously rolling my eyes and laughing at myself that i’m too distracted.)


2 thoughts on “november twenty third

  1. So funny…I was just reading the section of Martha Stewart magazine to my hubby where there’s nothing better than hand woven bracelets from your horse’s tail hair, and all about how a “simple” sweater was knitted (not by Martha herself, I’m sure!) for her grandsons…after they raised the sheep, sheared them, washed, carded, and spun the wool. Yes, Martha, that sounds simple to me. We didn’t spend today either…except on pizza to share with the neighbors for an impromptu dinner together.

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