november fourteenth

i love it when i remember a holiday at least a few weeks before it happens. this means that we can actually find some quality library books about that holiday before the shelves are cleared out and only the dregs are left. and it means we have time to talk about it, craft about it, and eat about it before it passes, too.

i sort of failed in the thanksgiving department for the last two years, so today i tried to make up for it by whipping out all the thanksgiving books, printing off coloring pages, baking turkey-shaped cookies, and serving up egg nog to a table full of egg nog-loving children.

but i think i still have work to do. my two years of thanksgiving slacking have left one boy still wanting to call the holiday in november easter and the other boy trying to remember either the word cornucopia or phrase horn of plenty and instead jumbling the two so i get a good laugh.


3 thoughts on “november fourteenth

    1. i have a sneaking suspicion that i’m going to drop the advent ball this year. i’ll probably be too busy still patting myself on the back for remembering thanksgiving coloring sheets πŸ˜‰

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