november’s journal – the first

november first is the day that i secure my title as Keeper of All Sweet Tarts.

it is the day that a little girl can’t handle the excitement from last night and is fussy.

it is the day that i scheme to find ways to dump the candy (minus the sweet tarts) without anyone noticing.

it is the day that i get to turn the calendar page to my favorite month. november = holiday spirit and food without the stress.

it is the day that marks one week until new york.


One thought on “november’s journal – the first

  1. My weakness is milk duds. Until just a few years ago the kids didn’t even know they existed b/c the little yellow boxes would just mysteriously disappear from their candy stash! When I finally let them have some, they thought WOW, where have these been all our lives? in my stomach and teeth apparently. sorry guys. i’ve trained some of the kids well….. bring back milk duds, reeses and milky way dark….. no live saver gummies please…. it backfired a bit this year though, as they declared the candy selection MISERABLE this year…. not a reeses, milk dud or milky way dark to be had. I reprimanded them for just not LOOKING hard enough 🙂 and decided to share my tiny stash that I scrounged up under the guise of taking the little guy through the trunks just one more time (no shame)….. does that make up for all those years of stealing their milk duds when they were a plenty? i think so.

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