when we moved into our house it was still hitting highs in the steamy 90s outside. the kids would ask to go down to the lake by our house and go on a walk. i would say, “no way!” without any guilt and then toss them in the pool to satisfy their need for the outdoors.

but now? now it is glorious outside, and we head to the lake often. the boys bike and climb trees and chase ibises and look for alligators (which we usually find). lenna rides along in the stroller and plays safety patrol for the boys.

at about a mile into our walk there is a playground that has swings that are a tad high for the kids but are perfect for my height.

after much swinging and much sliding, we head back and the kids are sufficiently tuckered for nap time.


One thought on “lakeside

  1. oh, how i hate that we had to move just before the florida “winter” (aka, the best time of the year!). LOVE these pictures and your little cuties! i love the chill rhythm of your days!

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