tea time

i walked into the kitchen one recent afternoon to find her deeply engaged in tea time with bear. the camera clicks didn’t even make her glance my way. i love this age.


7 thoughts on “tea time

  1. (p.s. totally unrelated, but i’ve tried so many times to comment on some of your posts, and now that wordpress has finally let me do so, just wanted to let you know i always love hearing about what you’re reading!)

    1. yes, that comment issue has been frustrating. i’ve had the same issue on other sites. i read recently that one solution might be to make sure your browser has third-party cookies enabled. the problem is with people who have wordpress accounts and try to comment on other wordpress blogs. the forums say that if your email is associated with a wordpress account, you have to sign in to wordpress before you can comment. crazy.

      so good to hear from you! hope you all are doing well.

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