it’s growing season again. i would’ve been content to let our own garden slide this year, but omar was determined. so now it’s set up and little things are popping out. as he was finishing it up the other night it was breezy and cool, and i was thankful he was so determined. our garden last year did great so here’s hoping we succeed again. there are tomatoes and beans and swiss chard and a few more things getting ready to be planted in the coming weeks. the boys were wooed by the quickly growing squash and cucumber plants at the nursery the other day, but we quickly shut them down. we have no need for excess squash or cucumbers around these parts. our csa started up again a few weeks ago, and we’re bracing ourselves for the inevitable onslaught of numerous squash. there will be many tomatoes, too, but we’re more of the opinion that you can never have too many tomatoes. and this year i convinced omar that our tomatoes, particularly the cherry variety, will do better and last longer on our counters if they were placed in these lovely containers. you know, for better air circulation…and because they’re just plain adorable.