asher is 5

there are many moods of asher. when this boy faces the camera for a photo, i usually get one of two looks from him: the brooding asher or the what he thinks is a sweet smile asher. the first look makes me giggle because it appears asher has the model-stare down pat. the other one makes me sigh because it usually ends up as sweet smile + a little cheese.

but all of this was just my way of trying to document the fact that today this boy is five. i started blogging when this guy was two months old so it’s great to be able to go and read back over a fairly well-documented five years. he was my very bald, very squishy baby boy who we all thought was going to be fairly quiet and chill. and then somewhere around the 9 month to one year mark he kind of “woke up,” and we realized he had just been storing up all of his energy and that quiet would never be what would spring to mind when someone thought of a word to describe him.

i love you, my boy. you are a delight. you are curious. you are thankful. you are passionate about what you love. you are passionate about what you don’t love. you are determined. you are exhausting. you are just right for us.


One thought on “asher is 5

  1. Kate–your ‘Asher’ remarks were precious. He’s quite the special little guy and I love him so. Your blogs are the best way ever for us to keep up. Thanks so much–Love you all–Meme

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