dryer treasures

since the boys were old enough to realize they had pockets, they have been filled to the brim. pants have even been known to fall off of certain little boys when they are stuffed beyond capacity.

i’ve never been the best at remembering to check pockets before i throw the clothes in the washer, but the past few weeks have been even a bit out of the ordinary in pocket-finds. how did i not notice that a pair of shorts had a phone and a watch in it?? i’ve been tossing all the goods in a little bowl on the washer and at the end of the week snapping a picture. a few weeks into this, the boys found the bowl and quickly dumped the contents back into their pockets.

i love that a lot of the stuff is found back in their pockets each week. asher climbed on top of the washer last week, found the bowl, and then said, “hey mom! why do you always put the good stuff in this little bowl?!” there is a part of me that thinks he really believes i go grab the toys from their room rather than fish them out of washers and dryers.

last week’s peanut got the biggest laugh out of me.

and lenna? most of her clothes don’t have pockets, but i noticed that yesterday and today her pockets have been filled just like her brothers’.

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