delightfully real

last week i told a friend that sometimes i have a hard time enjoying the days where schooling goes almost too well. those days where the kids are overly engaged, ask only questions that are on point, eagerly do any and all i work i have planned out, play fairly well together, don’t complain, etc. those are the days where we can end up doing school for hours and we didn’t notice the time go by. sadly, i can easily think, ” wow! this is so great! this is so fun! there is no way it can go on two days in a row!” talk about pessimism.

but today. today was just good. school and play and life all balanced between each other. there was a little school before breakfast. the boys then went off into a world of imagination and play that involved painter’s tape and stuffed animals. lenna helped me clean. later the kids sat on the floor playing with legos while i read some Charlotte’s Web. after awhile their restlessness overcame them so it was out to the pool for running and swimming and playing. a dear friend came up from miami for a visit thus making it necessary to make apple/cheddar scones with the assistance of the little people. a relatively quiet quiet time was followed by more school and talk of volcanoes and tsunamis and earthquakes. more play and dinner prep followed. feel free to insert some squabbles here and there. not too intense today, just enough to keep everything real. the night ended with a discussion about whether or not the juice at the Lord’s Supper was obtained by someone going up to heaven and getting some of jesus’s blood. “i’m thinking that’s not really what happens, right?” said elisha. “because that would just be crazy…but it’s not what happens, right?” right.

and as omar walked out the door to a meeting, the kids and i piled on the bed and watched an episode of Curious George. one of the boys snuggled down and told me, “this is a pretty good day, mama.” totally.


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