lenna loves prudence

remember prudence? (one of my favorite posts, by the way) i think i wrote somewhere last year that prudence was still beloved. actually, that would only have really been true had it been talking about beloved by me. i’ve always loved prudie. lenna? ha. prudence the owl has spent the majority of her two years with us being chucked over the bars of the crib and face down on the floor when mama dares to try to sneak her in lenna’s bed. it became a joke that even lenna caught on to. in the car one day lenna started getting tired and fussy. i told her i was tired, too, and that we’d be home soon and she could give mama her bear (whom she loves) so mama could take a nap. she thought that was hilarious and said, “no! lenna’s bear!” i then proceeded to run through her beloved buddy list and tell her that i thought i needed them for my quiet time. “no!” she’d squeal with half delight/half fear that i was not joking. then i said, “ok, i’ll take prudie with me to my quiet time.” and her response, “NN- (pause) YYEESS!!”

and then we moved. and in that move prudence the owl somehow found her way into the inner circle of the beloved buddies: beary-bear, baby, and angus the bunny. i pulled her out of a box and that was that.

these days she’s been known to eat breakfast with lenna, go on day trips with lenna, and even coordinate with lenna (that was an unintentional but cute accident).

so now lenna loves prudence, and mama has a slightly irrational fear that this is just a brief love affair that will end with prudie back on floor. but so far so good.


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