kid dates: asher

on monday omar and i ended up with a little one-on-one time with this guy. we talk a good talk when we say we want to make sure we get time alone with each kid on a regular basis, but we’re not so great in the execution.

he loved it. we loved it.

he was in need of a little solo time with us. he’s our kid that takes a bit longer to adjust to big changes in life. the transition to the new house was a big deal for him. let’s just say that boundaries have been pushed. for example, the new backyard has been a land of freedom and temptation for him. in one afternoon i heard myself say the following:

“asher, don’t use the ladder to pick the neighbor’s lemons!”
“asher, don’t dig mud pits next to the house!”
“asher, don’t swing from the clothesline!”
and on. and on.

he got to talk to us without two others interrupting. he got to tell his papi about things he’s learning in school. he got to eat a cookie that wasn’t broken into thirds. he got to help omar clean out the utility room and then take a sip of his beer, because “that’s what working guys do, mama. and i didn’t even need to take a sip of water after!”

sweet times.


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