the week

we’ve now eaten many meals at our table. it’s one more thing that makes this place feel more like home. friday night marked the inaugural use of the oven proving that yes, our a/c doesn’t really work that well.

my aunt passed along an old desk to us and the kids think it’s the coolest. this one especially loves it and draws and cuts and creates the days away.

little lenna is doing just fine in her new home. she has ideas about where things should go that differ from her mama, but we’re working on compromise.

a banana plant made the trek across town with us. the boys assisted with the digging. unfortunately the banana plant doesn’t seem to be loving its new home.

as if we needed another sign that the first house we wanted wouldn’t have really worked for us – there was no room for the kids’ kitchen and table and food. this place has the perfect spot right under the kitchen window.


2 thoughts on “the week

  1. Ahh, the memories! When we moved into our house we realized that although the tiny galley kitchen has 7 outlets, you really can’t use more than two small appliances at a time without throwing the breaker.

    Love the little table- we have the same one, and it’s been in almost every room of the house. I’d love to have room for it in the kitchen!

  2. Very inviting and lovely. Though my children are grown and gone, I still keep a little table with a child’s tea set ready for any of our little visitors, should we be so lucky to have them.

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