hello to all this

we have a house. officially. we have the funky old keys, the numerous pieces of paper with our names scrawled across them, and the exhaustion to prove it. if you had asked us a couple of weeks ago whether or not our house was a fixer-upper, we would have said, “oh, no. not really.” and now we would say, “oh, yes. yes really.” that’s perhaps a bit more dramatic than reality. it just needs some love. and money. and time. and money. and a little more time. but we love it. in all of its 1950s yellow and black tiled bathroom glory.

people keep asking for pictures and my first reaction is to say, “no way.” honestly, there is not much to show at this point. there is lots of painting and cleaning going on right now. and by lots of cleaning i mean opening up the old crank windows and using a toothbrush to scrub out places that probably haven’t been cleaned in 20+ years. not the most glamorous work but work that yields both mysterious gunk that could be used as a science project and before and afters like what you see below. check it out – clean window on the left, untouched window on the right. my dad stood back and said the left side looked like there was no glass. i should’ve kissed him.

more pics to come.


3 thoughts on “hello to all this

  1. Kate…congrats on the new home! I am jealous of your window. We have been in our home 3+ months and I am too overwhelmed by the 20+ year gunk to get started.

  2. Congratulations on your new home. Are you going to keep the yellow and black bathroom tile? That was the same tile we had in our house when I was growing up. Makes me a little nostalgic.

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