goodbye to all that

today we had a realtor show our current house to some potential renters. for the past few days (at least since the last rodent sighting) i’ve been continuing my thoughts from the last post about all the growing we’ve seen go on around here and all the good memories we’ve made.

but then when those potential renters start asking pointed questions about the house, all the quirks and annoying things about it rush to the front of my mind and i’m not sure what to say. while i’m smiling and saying, “oh yeah! it’s a great house,” my next impulse is to follow it up with, “just pay no mind to the rats running around in the walls and occasionally down the halls. or the a/c unit on the roof that often gets rattled out of place and leaks in the hallway below. or the chimney that leaks. or that the the outside doors to every bedroom always seem to need more weatherstripping. or that the neighbor’s sea grape tree showers a constant rain of dead leaves in our backyard.” and on and on.

i build it up as some kind of moral quandary. omar thinks of it as a list that makes him excited to leave.

i’m working on trying to go with the latter.


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