in the news

there is no need to cram in as much pool time as possible because the new house has a pool.

it actually looks like there is going to be a new house because we’ve jumped hurdles, spent hours on the phone, and have filled out more forms than we thought was possible.

there is cause for much rejoicing beyond the obvious celebratory “we’re buying a house!” cheers. rat #5 was snapped to its death the other night, and new house means no rats (or so we hope). five. rats.

my mind is now tentatively switching from obsessing about 4pt inspections and appraisals and electrical work to paint colors and light fixtures and kitchen cabinets.

my mind is also thinking back over the past three years in this home. while our new place has a pool, i love watching our boys swim in this pool. they were 1 and 3 when we moved here. they didn’t know how to swim, and they were content to splash on the steps. now they are much bigger, love to run from the front door, through the kitchen, out the back door and jump into the pool. there was lots of growing around here over the past years.


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