it’s been a busy week. the contract on the house was signed (!). we made our way up to orlando to see family for a night and play with cousins. we have our house inspection this afternoon. i’ve printed and signed yet another stack of mortgage papers (third time is hopefully the charm).

and like every time that we get ready to pick up and move, be it across town or to another town, i start thinking and questioning and remembering everything about previous moves and previous homes.

my initial move to miami was hard. i just wanted to get out as fast as possible, and i hated that feeling because i had never felt about a place like that before. but then my heart softened and i grew to love it there. i looked back on this post today from almost exactly four years ago to the day. i can feel my excitement in those words. i was excited to dig in and really live there. the housing market was still absolutely crazy so there was no way we could buy something. we were so committed to that termite infested, beautiful, strange old home and the neighbors and shops around us, and you couldn’t beat the view. it still hurts a bit to read back over it and realize that it just wasn’t meant to be. we lived there less than a year before we lost our job and found a job 60 miles north.

and here we are three years later. about to leave one neighborhood for another. we have several good friends less than a mile from the new house. our church is 0.4 miles away (a beautiful distance to a family with one car). there is space to play and grow.

i have always been a firm believer that renting a home is a good thing because it is just that, a home. over the years i can’t tell you how many people have told us we are throwing our money away by renting. we weren’t (aren’t). we are putting a roof over our heads, cultivating a family and relationships under that roof, and living under that roof. but i have had an unfortunate tendency as a renter (other than our time in downtown miami) and that is to not develop as many relationships with neighbors. i always thought that we were just passing through. i’ve been much more mindful of this living where we have the past three years, but even so, it’s been my default mode. i’m praying that buying a house where we (hopefully) are will end that.

i’m ready to love that neighborhood and the people in it. and in the spirit of neighborly love, wouldn’t we be better able to foster such a spirit if we were not just the neighbor who would lend you an egg but who had the endless supply of eggs??


3 thoughts on “neighborly

  1. I think that many of us fight against that tendency to not reach out to neighbors; particularly when we feel that we “aren’t going to be here that long”. The reality is, we never know how long we are going to be in a place.
    I agree that a few chickens would help the neighborly spirit. 🙂

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