finding a home

house buying drama seems to love us. to find us. to seek us out. even our real estate agent is a bit perplexed at our situation. he’s actually writing a real estate book at the moment, and i think we’re making an appearance in it. and not because we’ve found the secret to swift and easy closings.

another house popped up yesterday thanks to a friend’s “for sale” sign tracking skills. by the end of the day a verbal agreement was reached, and hopefully by the time i wake up in the morning tomorrow there will be a contract signed by all parties. but we don’t have it yet. we’re holding it loosely, even though it seems to be so right. God is not one to play tricks, we know that. part of me wants to pull up the app and keep looking. part of me wants to plan the paint color for the living room. and part of me wants to just shut it all out and go to sleep or watch a movie.

a movie it is.

but just to leave you with a final note about how great this house would be for us: there is both a pool and a fenced section of the backyard perfect for chickens (me) or a dog (omar and the other three).


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