the search

the house search involves driving up and down and up and down the streets thinking and hoping that perhaps a “for sale by owner” sign will pop up in front of the house that is meant for us.

the house search involves bribing my children with lunch out if they keep the peace in the van while i drive aimlessly down street after street.

the house search involves me checking an embarrassingly high number of times each day. correction – hour.

the house search involves me slowly forming house preferences: metal roof, swimming pool, a long wall or two for endless bookshelves, no white tile, hurricane shutters.

the house search involves trying to patiently wait and do useful and productive things like empty closets of old prom dresses and shoes that haven’t been worn in over a decade.

the house search involves me trying to justify purchasing a camera i’ve had my eye on. you know, to better document the whole process (wink).


3 thoughts on “the search

  1. Hi Kate–Enjoyed your dissertation on Louisville, food comments, etc.but I’m wondering where you got the menorrah(SP?) candle ? Also, I love your stubby little roses in the little squat vase. Last week I told Leigh I wanted a ‘squat’vase like kate’s so I could stuff it with roses, and guess what?! I got a fat little vase for my birthday. Our Fresh Market has always had roses for 8.99 per doz and this summer they went to 9.99 which is still lots better than Sam’s or Wally. I wa blown away with your dad’s photo of Lenna and the shades. Another one to print up and frame. Love you all–Mimi.

    1. hey mimi, lenna asked if she could see you the other day. very sweet. the candelabra (i.e. menorah) was from a site called “wisteria.” yay for fat and squatty vases 😉 they’re the best. and yes, lenna in the shades is a hoot. love you.

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