omar and i will always think of louisville, ky as the place where i instagramed everything, where we got an awesome (and free) hotel upgrade, and where the food is amazing.

louisville will also always be synonymous with neon green ford fiesta. at the hertz counter the lady asked me if i cared if the car was green. um, no. she told me that some people are rather particular about color. i shrugged my shoulders. and then i walked out to this:

now, instagram didn’t exactly capture the true color here, so feel free to brighten and saturate the above picture by about 45% and you’re good. holy cow, it was green. so green that at one point omar and i were hanging out outside a bookstore and i heard a group of people start talking about it/laughing at it. i walked up to them and (trying not to laugh) asked them if they were making fun of my car. their faces were priceless, i informed them it was a rental, and everyone laughed. and then one of the guys asked to take a picture of it. hilarious. even the hertz guy at the return said, “wow, that sure is green.” no kidding. but it was fun driving something in the non-van category for a few days.

it was also a good car to drive around the old parts of the city and dart in and out of spots so i could jump out and snap photos of some of the most interesting old churches. they were everywhere. the original downtown building facades were also fascinating and many were still in good shape.

we also spent time at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, the museum at 21c, Cave Hill Cemetery, Cherokee Park, and various other book stores and local shops.

but the food. that was kind of the highlight for us (of course). i think every restaurant we went to informed us that they had their own farm and pastureland. most restaurants had farm-to-table events and knowledgeable staff that were quick to share what they loved about louisville. the top meals were the cornmeal pancakes with chai butter at Hillbilly Tea, the pork belly and kimchi sliders at Holy Grale (a unitarian church-turned bar), and the prickly pear cava with ceviche at The Mayan Cafe.

lastly, louisville will also always be known as the place we were when we got the call that after all the inspections, appraisals, phone calls, etc, the house we wanted was a no-go. all that amazing food made up for the disappointment.


2 thoughts on “loo-uh-vul

  1. I’m so sorry about the house! And the very green car! But the trip sounds amazing. I went to Louisville a few times when I lived in Nashville and was surprised how cool and laid-back of a city it was.

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